A completed Super Trap® Backstop System on an indoor range.

The typical Super Trap firing range accommodates both rifle and pistol calibers.


The patented* Super Trap® Backstop System eliminates the problem of bullet ricochets and airborne lead from bullet fragmentation. The System captures bullets whole through the use of advanced engineering and design concepts employing proprietary, patented materials and rubber media.  All pistols, rifles and shotguns can be used right up to the backstop surface.

An officer safely fires point-blank into a Super Trap® System.


The Super Trap® Backstop System all but eliminates the problem of air-borne lead dust and ground water lead since bullets are captured and contained within the rubber media. Range personnel at new Super Trap® shooting ranges may breathe easy, confident that their health is not being threatened by air-borne lead dust.

The Super Trap® ballistic media is clean and free from contaminates such as steel and fiber!


The Super Trap® Backstop System puts an end to environmental lead contamination! Using this system, most lead may be easily recovered and sold to recycling centers. This prevents lead pollution of the air and ground, which would normally occur as a result of bullets impacting with old-fashioned type metal, sand and the ground type backstops.

Photograph of bullets actually recovered whole from a Super Trap® Backstop System.

The dynamic Super Trap® Backstop eliminates erosion normally associated with earthen backstops and the resultant dangers of ricochets and bounce back of lead fragments. Through advanced engineering and design, the Super Trap® system virtually eliminates hazardous lead dust, which translates to NO major HAZMAT clean up.


Super Trap® firing range backstop systems are constructed of superior quality materials and tailored to suit your needs. The Super Trap® infrastructure is designed with 10-gauge steel. The Hopper/Deflection Baffle is designed with high quality Steel Armor. The rubber media is recycled pure SBR Super Trap® rubber, free of all steel and fiber contaminates that could normally allow fires to ignite. Super Trap® tactical range backstops can stop and contain all pistol and rifle rounds up to and including .460 Weatherby Magnum – that’s over 8,000 foot pounds of raw penetrating energy.

For special needs Super Trap® backstops have been designed and built to contain even larger projectiles. Contact us for a copy of the government’s bullet trap study completed by the U.S. Marine Corps for the Department of Defense to read an independent assessment of the Super Trap® Backstop System.

Super Trap® bullet trap systems can be built to fulfill every shooting need and have been thoroughly tested and approved by the Department of Defense. You can contact us for the test data!

Super Trap® is the Bullet Containment System of choice throughout the United States. From Hawaii to New York State, Super Trap® is the Bullet Containment System of choice based on performance, reliability and safety. Although other manufacturers claim to meet our specifications in all areas, they do not, because crucial operating characteristics are protected by exclusive patents. Careful examination and diligent comparison of each feature clearly show the superiority and affordability of the patented Super Trap® system for law enforcement agencies, private and public ranges. We encourage our clients to compare price vs. cost of comparably built systems and decide for themselves. We also encourage prospective clients to contact current customers for references just contact us for contact information.


Super Trap®  Backstop Systems enable real range operating cost savings by lowering long term maintenance costs.

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