For most range owners and operators that are concerned about liability and effective training, the days of simple thought out ranges are long gone.  Dirt range backstops and sand bullet trap berms have evolved to much more effective and dynamic ballistic rubber trap systems whereby range users can engage the targets in realistic ways, utilizing tactics and lessons learned from the real world.  Even steel trap backstops, while slightly better than sand berms for basic bullet capture, still share in most of the liability, safety and range environment issues that the old range designs encounter.

Paragon Tactical (PT) presents some modern ballistic materials that help range owners and other facility stakeholders to improve their range property and bring it up to 21st century standards for a better operational and user range environment.

  • Gel-Cor® – Engineered Ballistic Rubber Media for firing range bullet traps that use tracer ammunition
  • ELIxIR® – Engineered Ballistic Rubber Media for shooting range bullet traps
  • N-Gage™ – Ballistic Rubber Tiles for ballistic walls, range baffles, floor protection, and training props
  • Ricochet Guard – Rubber Tiles for safety ceiling and regions near the firing line
  • SACON® – Shock Absorbing Concrete / Ballistic Concrete for shoothouse systems, ballistic walls, barrier protection and range perimeter walls
  • Sonic Board® – Acoustical Cementious Wood Board for indoor or outdoor noise reduction / suppression at range facilities and near firing lines
  • Sonex® – Acoustical Foam for indoor or covered area noise reduction / suppression at range facilities and near firing lines