Shock Absorbing Concrete, or SACON®, is an engineered concrete and development process to manufacture specialty foam filled concrete blocks and structures. SACON is ideal for military and certain law enforcement applications that require extensive ballistic protection with a Class A fire resistance in a small footprint.  While most commonly deployed in military live fire shoot house configurations due to SACON’s superior performance in grenade and incendiary environments, SACON is also ideally suited for perimeter containment of outdoor range berms, or as a shooting range backstop toe wall to minimize the overall footprint of the firing range bullet trap.

SACON is prepared using conventional mixers, foaming machines and Portland cement.  It is approx 75% of the weight of standard 3K PSI concrete.  It contains no coarse aggregate and uses a fiber for additional bonding and strength.   Construction / fabrication techniques used to make Shock Absorbing Concrete are similar to conventional concrete for molding precast blocks and panels or forming cast-in-place product volumes.

SACON is used on facilities such as:

  • Live fire training structures – for tracer ammunition, incendiary and grenade training
  • Range Bullet Traps – as a primary range backstop or for perimeter containment around ballistic rubber media
  • Security Checkpoints – for bomb protection and insulation
  • Blast Environments – for capturing various kinds of fragmentation and shrapnel while preventing concrete spalling
  • Custom Configurations – for exotic DOD, laboratory and scientific small arms testing and ballistic analysis

Upon impact the entrained air cells collapse to absorb the incoming projectile. SACON utilizes a concrete alkaline environment that minimizes, and can even prevent, lead leaching.  SACON has numerous features and benefits that are outlined below.


  • is tracer, incendiary and grenade capable
  • is capable of rapid assembly using cast on site, tilt up panels
  • is capable of cast in place formwork
  • is non-hazardous
  • is non-flammable
  • can be pigmented to colorize for location or owner preferences
  • can provide for windows, doors, hallways, entry zones, exit zones, and vehicle access points
  • allows range users to train with similar weapons that they use in the “real world”
  • offers a highly versatile range of applications

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